I live in West Dorset, England with my family and work full time for Guy Mallinson's Crafty Camping, a luxury woodland campsite where I teach various greenwood working skills. In my spare time my partner Jo and I run this website where you can find some pictures of my work. The shop is updated sporadically when I have a decent batch to sell.


After spending ten years swinging from trees as an arborist and tree surgeon, I decided I needed a job where I could keep both feet firmly on the ground whilst still being a part of the woodland around me.

Having previously studied engineering woodworking seemed a natural step and working with the natural inclination of the green wood soon developed into a passion.

My spoon carving addiction has grown over the years and I have had the priviledge to learn from some of the finest spoon makers across the globe. Carving spoons, focusing on the small details that make each one different has become a meditation for me.

2016.05.09 Bodgers Ball 2016-21.jpg

Many of my spoons have kolrosing decoration, this is a traditional scandinavian technique where single incised cuts are made to create a pattern, the spoon is then oiled and a colourant rubbed into the incisions and once burnished the pattern is sealed in.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, suggestions or comissions using the contact form or head over to Instagram for more spoony stuff. Thanks for your visit!